XPrize semifinalist Covid-19 Test prototype achieves frequent reusability by mechanically moving the exposed part of 80nm filter. balloon solves air resistance. 3d animation

Let’s stop the pandemic with 400 times reusable 80nm filter resistance rise based covid test

Brazil and India are now a 1.3 billion-sized petri dish of new variants due to uncontrolled asymptomatic spread. Remember 1918 spanish flu global pandemic was most deadly after 2 years of mutations. Hopefully, we can prevent that with cheap decentralized reusable covid-19 test.


India’s fleet of 200 large transport aircraft can easily airdrop all tests in a month at worst.


Infected people will no longer roam the streets and spread virus unknowingly as is the case now.

This will be possible only by these key differences from centralized RNA tests.

  1. Retesting easily multiple times a day at home
  2. Decentralized manufacturing(3d printable), deployment, use, and most importantly fast decentralized at home interpretation
  3. Price. Just a small piece of cheap plastic.
  4. Potential of much bigger resistance of test to now common mutations. Variants genome size drifts around 29.8 kb to 29.9 kb and 5.2log10ml of virus particles are thus still expected to be present as median 125nm particles in 80–100nm common filter range in infected person contrary to a healthy person
Fluid resistance rise measuring variant that needs just filters common soda bottle water and gravity. Measuring time of 2L of water to flow thru. 3d printer files . This is a old version without reusability


  1. Redesign around stronger nylon or polycarbonate filters which I don't currently have.
  2. Design a better seal around the filters while staying as cheap as possible.
  3. Reduce the amount of material and parts needed.
  4. Confirm the prototype does work as covid-19 test by as many measurements as possible by independent labs
  5. mass manufacture, I need help and cooperation with an injection molding company.


Ideally 23mm 60–90nm PC/Nylon/aoo and 23–45mm 100–130nm PC/Nylon/aoo essentially anything stronger than fragile nitrocellulose.

I found some online , should anyone decide to help with them. I am broke

need covid sized 120nm test particles for fast and safe design iteration

The most important part needed is 80nm virus concentration filter. ideally esd antistatic variant

Needed pre-filters to remove particles larger than median 125nm virus.

Hiring a lab for proper flow measurement of test prototypes would be best





Help design a thin small insertable 3d printable 1:3000 gearbox for the most common SLA printer z-axis so anyone can in theory print the whole covid test including filters. Can we make such a monolithic test reusable too?

120nm nanoparticles for fast repeatable testing and fast design verification.


But any form of help is welcome design/material advice especially filter seal material advice and injection molding manufacturing connections.

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